One thing that I am always grateful to Twitter for is somehow allowing George M. Johnson to come into my feed. Aside from the fact that he has the same name as my father, George is a vocal and accountable activist and writer.

George has published and worked with the likes of TeenVogue, BuzzFeed, Vibe Magazine, and Entertainment tonight. Now activism is something that is being more and more normalized. It also developing in ways that provides nuance and understanding in difficult situations or unknown terrain.

For me, engaging in George’s work was easy to digest because the way he is writes is very similar to how he speaks and engages with his followers on social media. With that, we often see that George is human and he gives us a space to get to know him personally, ask questions, spill tea, and still walk away with information that is both educational and sustainable.

For example, his work on the sexual assault of Terry Crews and the bias we have towards men in situations like this is one of the best pieces I have read. Most of George’s work looks at the world through multiple lens that shift in and out of focus. Thus, providing a scenery that is inescapable.

He also mixes and matches his identities in his work that is both authentic and invaluable—something that I personally am trying to perfect. A great example of this his outlook on the black community valuing and rooting for black lives until those black lives are queer. Thus, highlighting a lot bias and prejudice within the black community towards some of its most vulnerable members.

With that, Johnson also has written a memoir entitled, “All Boys Aren’t Blue”, where he discusses his childhood and ways in which we can all be better allies “in the struggle for equity and equality.”

I personally enjoy the tenacity and vulnerability of Johnson’s writing. I think that it is needed more than ever. And I personally have a lot of respect and renowned for the artist that is George M. Johnson.

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