Intentionality and Empathy

Writing and rhetoric are vastly important to how we consume news, ideas, and ways of life. Therefore, it is drastically important that we continue to challenge the inconsistencies that surround us and uplift those that walk with us. 


Mississippi Removed Its State Flag, But I Still See it Everywhere [Op-Ed]

The racism of this most vile of Confederate symbols will remain long after it leaves flagpoles.

Miss. Legislator introduces bill to combat Opioid Epidemic

“Mississippi is a very rural state,” Bomgar said. “Without telemedicine, we are never going to have enough opioid treatment centers close enough for people who need help to make it viable,” said Bomgar.

photo provided by University of Mississippi Slavery Research Group

UM Slavery Group examines enslavement on campus at MLK Day Commemoration Panel

“The university also maintained an enslaved labor force,” Jackson said. “While their names were rarely recorded in historical documents, we do know that George, Jane, Henry, John, Squash, Moses, Will and Nathan were among those who performed the work of farming and maintaining the buildings and stables.”


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Participants in ‘I Am a Man’ Reenactment say there is still progress to be made for working class

“Are we really free, economically, if you look at the differences of those that have and those that have not? Makes you wonder if his life was really worth it,” Memphis native Sherryl Crite, who works in public service, said.

photo by Jake Thrasher

Opinion: Addressing racism in LGBTQ community

The new flag added black and brown stripes to represent LGBT individuals of color. The flag was unveiled by the More Color More Pride campaign, which aims to recognize non-white LGBT communities as part of a more reflective and honest community by providing visibility to those that are often overlooked.

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Opinion: Proposed downtown ordinance presents biased agenda

The Lyric is also one of the only spaces in Oxford that allows black and brown people to gather and express themselves freely through events like the Latin American Student Organization’s “Latin Party” or neophyte presentations. At many events hosted by the National Panhellenic Council, I have witnessed OPD behave extremely aggressively with students and locals alike in an effort to “maintain order” and manage “crowd control.”